We believe in respecting our farms and the environment, so that we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.



Farmer Peter Matuszny
Farmer Peter Matuszny

Manning Valley Free Range started from humble beginnings – when I was 14, I persuaded my parents to buy me a small flock of 12 hens from the Royal Easter Show.

The hens thrived under our farming conditions and started to lay eggs at a phenomenal rate. Soon enough, a commercial venture emerged and before we knew it the whole Matuszny family became egg collectors, packers and distributors.

Now, for over 30 years, our family has cultivated its Free Range egg farming methods, working hard towards creating sustainable farming practices that not only protect our hens but aim to rejuvenate the land and surrounding environment.

I’m so proud of what we have achieved here, I hope you enjoy our tasty, nutritional Free Range Eggs.

Peter Matuszny

– Peter Matuszny 


What's so special about our farms?

Our farms are in natural farming areas with rich soils and a pure, pristine environment that’s pollutant free. It is these natural qualities that are reflected in our unique Free Range Eggs.


What's so special about the Manning Valley?

The Manning Valley is situated on the Mid North Coast of NSW and stretches from the mountains in the west to the coast in the east. It’s an idyllic natural farming area with rich soils and a pure, pristine environment that’s pollutant free. It is these natural qualities that are reflected in our unique Free Range Eggs.


Better for our hens, better for you.

We believe our pasture-based farming system is the reason our eggs are so delicious and nutritious.

By keeping our chickens free range, we’re allowing them to express their true nature; they can frolic in the grass, forage for nature’s tasty little goodies, bathe in the dust and socialise with their flock – just as nature intended.


With more life under our feet than what’s on top, it’s essential that we look after our soils! Pasture-based farming has many benefits to the soil, our chickens, cattle and us, humans, too.

Pastures are the natural environment for chickens and cattle, their bodies are designed to forage and explore on pasture and they receive a significant portion of their nutrition from it and it’s passed on to you.

We keep our pasture well-managed and maintained, practising soil enrichment and generating our own silage and hay to use throughout the year.

Hay is grass cut, dried then baled to use as animal fodder.

Silage is pasture grass that has been “fermented”. It is a method used to preserve the pasture for chickens and cattle to forage in a dry season. Our grasses are cut and then fermented to keep as much of the nutrients and proteins as possible. Our silage is baled and stored in our paddocks.


We're independently accredited and audited.

When you purchase our eggs, you can be assured that you are making the right choice for bird wellbeing.

Our farms are proudly third-party audited and accredited to ensure the highest quality of egg production and animal care and eggs to consumers, retailers and governments. It covers all aspects of animal care, production, egg quality, biosecurity, food safety and distribution. This program is audited by a registered third-party auditor.

The NSW Food Authority also carries out inspections and licenses the farms and grading floor.


With the highest importance placed on safe food handling and quality control of our eggs through our grading floor that produces a high-quality product with the use of the latest grading technology.