Nature's Intention®

• Since 1989
• 2,500 hens per hectare

700g free range egg carton

Since 1989 Manning Valley ONLY produce premier grade Free Range Eggs from Australian farms and we believe Free Range farming is better for our chickens and better for you. Throughout our journey we have maintained our Mission Statement:

The real currencies of the future CLEAN EARTH, AIR, and WATER are found in abundance on our properties.®
– the Matuszny family


The real currencies of the future CLEAN EARTH, AIR, and WATER are found in abundance on our properties.®
– the Matuszny family

Farming in Manning Valley


Our chickens enjoy the Good Life! We are proud passionate Farmers who work hard to give our hens happy, meaningful lives. Our Pasture based Farming System gives our chickens the freedom to roam in nature’s playground, frolic in the grass, bathe in the dust and socialise with their flock outside just as Nature Intended. At dusk our chickens enjoy the caring environment we provide in our state-of-the-art sheds.

Manning Valley Free Range Chickens


You'll find Manning Valley Free Range Eggs at Coles, Woolworths and Specialty Stores in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and ACT.


We believe Pasture based Farming is the reason our eggs are so delicious, full of protein, omega 3 and other beneficial nutrients.

Well-managed pasture is essential for our chickens who are raised on our farm on an environment very similar to their natural one.

We maintain every pasture to the highest standard to provide a haven for our hens and only work with farms that also maintain these standards.

The Matuszny Family proudly farming the Manning Valley for over 50 years


We are 3 generations of the Matuszny family. For over 50 years we’ve been proudly farming Beef, Dairy Cattle and Free Range Eggs in the Manning Valley. We're passionate about keeping our chickens happy, caring for our environment with our Pasture-based Farming system and supplying you with only the highest quality Free Range Eggs.


It’s great to see the hens having so much freedom – happy chooks! Beautiful eggs! Thank you!

– Bevie Wright-McPhee

Always fresh, good quality eggs. I have tried 95% of all of the others and I feel these are the best.

– Daniel Lawrence

Fantastic eggs, greatest ever! They are also free range and a great family business.

– Joseph Mangelsdorf

Beautiful eggs. Thick albumen. Gorgeous bright yolks and strong shells. Top notch and yumm-OH!

– Jan Thomsom

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